Watercolor Painting

“Each picture was painted at the location which it shows.”

In 1986, I painted my first works with a very good friend. Architecture fascinated me, and I worked on a motive for hours.

Over several days, I focussed on one and the same motive until it was completed.
The old artist’s city of Schwalenberg appealed to me, and I painted the old town.

The fragrance of the lilac, the play of the sun, old timbered structures, the aroma of coffee led to my desire to be an artist.
I developed a passion for painting, loved the life with nature and animals.

I studied architecture out of passion, starting in 1988, and learned free hand drawing, composition and perspective.
I completed my studies successfully in 1992 and went to Venice with an artist friend.

This was against the resistance of people around me, who thought I should immediately go into architecture and my one month time- out would cost me when it came to jobs.

We painted day and night, many pictures emerged, and I sold so well that I envisioned living off of my art.
However, I did work for two years as an architect in design and construction documentation. But the good weather was tempting and I had more longing to paint, so I resigned. I became a freelance artist in 1994 and have worked as such to the present.

In 1994, I traveled through Europe with a photographer who was my friend at the time. We covered Norway, Scotland, England and Ireland with my Citroen.
Everywhere we stopped, I painted the awesome nature and architecture. In 1994, I received the Cultural Prize for Painting from the District of Hoexter for these works (watercolors on paper).

A bad accident in 1995 sealed my determination to dedicate myself completely to art.

After my recovery, I took many trips (Provence, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Sardinia, Hawaii and South Africa). I painted on all the trips, while studying the old knowledge about healing and creation.

This flows into my watercolor painting and other techniques. What is special about the watercolors: each picture was painted at the location which it shows.

1986 till 2004- Marriage of watercolor painting
1996 to present- Acrylic painting
2012 to present- Transfer art

Provence Watercolors

Hawaiian Watercolors

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