Transfer Art

In 2012, I started consistently using what each technique has to offer.
So I utilize the optimum from photography, painting and graphic elements.
Why paint something that can also be photographed?
So I went with my architectural skills, selecting structures which show our European heritage (encoded), and painted spontaneously on transferred photographs.
I would like to build bridges between the old knowledge and the spirit of the age today.
The images are made on acrylic glass, which allows illumination and creates multiple dimensions.
The search for homeland and soul, the dialogue between old and new, lighting from behind and radiation from the front lead to a holistic approach.

What is culture without soul?
Our treasures in Europe lie hidden in the language of architecture, which possessed knowledge of balance, of male and female components.
My attention is directed at the resources of culture. What provides trust and strength, what helps us in our life?

I would like intercultural understanding, and I would like for people to take possession of the force of the inner centering and individual responsibility.
Art can be an anchor for the soul.
I would like to inspire in such a way that we are all architects of our own reality.
A Hawaiian Parable:
“women are the architects of mankind, men are the keepers of creation”

by a Hawaiian kahuna
“Because you know the other from your accident, the vulnerability and fragilness of body and life, you know how one can gain back the balance and the healing of body and spirit: through the knowledge of inner strength and its use. The knowledge of inner strength and the search for it are reflected in every old culture, especially through its architecture. This ancient knowledge surrounds us all, and it is anchored in countless places over this world. Art transfers these messages and conveys them to the viewer. The resonance of each viewer allows him to receive this message.

from Susanne Rikus


This makes art so lively – just as different as the viewers are, so varied are the messages carried by them back into the cosmos.”

(Comment from art friend Beate)


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