The act of painting

“I reflect on a subject and trust my own perception. Through meditation and listening to my inner world, I connect myself to the arising theme.

Experiences create knowledge about being here on earth. Lines and movements arise in space, color combinations and inner visions, which often first create something through painting, a message behind things.

“The substance is invisible to the eyes,” to quote the book “The Little Prince”.

When I flew to Hawaii in 2004, I began to see more images before my inner eye and painted them.
Some of these pictures were printed as logos for an art event in Paderborn.

The view into the inner stage of life is there where the essence is working in our subconscious.
Subjects range from the soul of man and landscapes to the essence of old cultures, from which we can learn much.

With the inner connection to oneself, to a task, a symbol for the essence arises.
When I paint this, images arise that are colorful and bright, unusual compositions, with stories which are formed under the color.

Based on the viewer, the mood and the light, they leave behind varying impressions.
Some paintings dances, giant canvases are painted with dynamic brush strokes and color surfaces explode.

Layer by layer, the images create a space of color, which can fill giant areas with force, energy and presence.”

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