All you need is love

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Being an artist is my goal

Creative dance
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“All you need is Love” is a lively dialogue with the turning point in time.


This is what the artist Susanne Rikus says about her exhibition:
“All You Need Is Love” came to me as a song and I trill it as I enter my gallery and paint the new works.
They want to give courage, show their colors and strengthen the viewer’s belief in love and your ability to shape our future.

My heart is so moved by the recent events, at the end of April a young Ukrainian with a suitcase came to the gallery with a rush that is understandable…”Is there a hotel here?”

The picturesque courtyard of the Heckmann Höfe is a place where the world meets and especially young creative people and Ukrainians with their children.

This exhibition wants to encourage, show colors and strengthen the belief in love and its ability to shape our future for the viewer.


to help you finding the most value in life through art is my passion.

Artist Susanne Rikus

here you can read more about her on Wikipedia


Art Gallery Susanne Rikus

Heckmann courtyards

Oranienburger Strasse 32

10117 Berlin-Mitte

Мир Is the word of the times

The great questions and tasks of human history have become more urgent than ever.

The suffering, horror, limitation and fear, as well as greed and hoarding reflect the great social change.

Democracy is such a precious commodity and how long have we been contemplating it from the sofa. Art wants to give space for the state of a successful democracy to express an internal and external view.

The inner attitude towards life is put to the test.

That’s why I’m doing an exhibition in the middle of Europe’s central Berlin stage in the Heckmann Höfe, which calls for introspection and wants to give the viewer something – a space for beauty, for what you love and for hope.

We do shipping wordwide.

When you have a space you love to see, how a painting you like looks like, send us a foto and we will place it on your wall digital and you can relax at home and feel how it looks like to live with a painting.